South Africa’s First Cannabis-Infused Pizza

The Col’Cacchio restaurant chain in Cape Town is offering a cannabis-infused pizza. The brand has teamed up with the africanpure CBD oil company, which has no THC or synthetic chemicals. The cannabis-infused oils are safe to eat and are legal in South Africa. The new Cannabis pizza will cost around R125 and R140 and is available at all Col’Cacchio restaurants.

The pizza is a fusion of cannabis and Italian cuisine. It is a non-hallucinogenic chemical derivative of the cannabis plant and is used as a medicinal remedy. A single serving of the cannabis-infused oil costs R25, which is equal to 20mg. The restaurant is also offering two gourmet Cannabis-infused pizzas. The Green Goddess pizza is made of zucchini and basil leaves while the Not-So-Plain Mary Jane is a vegan option.

Despite the legality of the cannabis product, many consumers are sceptical. Even though it is legal in some countries, the maximum dosage is still 20mg a day. As a result, South Africa is the first place to introduce a cannabis-infused pizza. Whether or not it is a wise move for the country, it will be interesting to watch what happens next. A restaurant in the Netherlands is currently testing the Cannabis product on its customers, and it’s unclear whether it will be available in other parts of the world.

The South African cannabis-infused pizza will be served at Col’Cacchio in Johannesburg. The menu features a Green Goddess pizza with piquante peppers and mushrooms, as well as avocado dressing. According to the choice cannabis seeds restaurant’s website, the CBD-infused oil has many benefits, including alleviating arthritis and acting as an anti-inflammatory. This pizza, which costs R25, can be eaten by people of all ages and genders.

The cannabis-infused pizza will be available in all Col’Cacchio restaurants in the country, except for Windhoek. Although the CBD-infused pizzas will not be halal, the restaurant is making a statement by introducing them. The cannabis-infused food will be sold separately to consumers, but the prices will be lower than usual. However, the CBD-infused food will be available in South Africa only on Sundays.

The pizza is infused with Cannabidiol, a hemp-derived ingredient. The oil can be purchased over-the-counter from a reputable online store. The South African Department of Health has made the product legal to buy and consume, and the company plans to continue expanding its product range. Its pizzas will not get customers high, but will be great for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

The cannabis-infused pizzas will be available in a variety of flavours, including traditional tomato and mozzarella. For the most part, the Col’Cacchio Cannabis-infused pizzas will be R125. The restaurant also offers CBD-infused oils as a condiment on any dish for an additional R25. The South African branch of the company is a pioneer in bringing cannabis-infused products to the South Africa market.

The pizza is infused with CBD oil. The cannabis-infused oil is a blend of hemp oil and coconut oils. The 420-friendly restaurant has partnered with africanpure CBD oil brand, which has the first-ever Cannabis-infused pizza in SA. The R125 and R140 marijuana-infused food is an exclusive creation for the Cape Town area. The artisanal Pizza is the latest addition to the artisanal menu at Col’Cacchio.

The Col’Cacchio Pizza uses cannabis oil and the CBD oil is infused into the dough. The CBD-infused pizza is an excellent option for those seeking an alternative to traditional marijuana products. The product is made from natural ingredients and is free of THC, which is the active ingredient in the plant. A South African version of the CBD-infused Pizza will contain 20mg of CBD per slice.

The CBD oil is a cannabis-derived ingredient. Unlike the marijuana oil, it contains no THC. The CBD-infused food does not have any psychoactive effects. It is safe for everyone and can be consumed daily, without side effects. The CBD-infused pizzas will be available in all Col’Cacchio restaurants throughout the country. The new line will be available in both Windhoek and Johannesburg, but will only be available at select locations.