The Cannabis Reform in Spain has reached a key milestone in Catalonia, where the government has approved the legalization of cannabis social clubs. 118 legislators voted for the law, which allows CSCs to sell cannabis to their members and pay cbd seeds for sale club costs. While possession of cannabis has never been a criminal offense in Spain, in 1992, strict administrative fines were introduced for cannabis consumption in public. The growing clubs emerged partly as a response to these fines.

The law requires that marijuana clubs must be self-sufficient non-profit associations and produce a maximum of 150 kilograms of dried drug per year. The cannabis clubs will be subject to rules aimed at preventing drug tourism. The city-state navigate to this site hoped to prevent a boom in cannabis consumption and to compete with Amsterdam, which was feared as a marijuana haven. The law also states that members of the cannabis clubs cannot acquire the drug for 15 days after joining.

The decision to legalize cannabis follows a petition drive that gathered 67,500 signatures. The federal government of Spain may still challenge the decision, but the Catalan government overwhelmingly voted to approve the change. In 2013, Spain’s highest court overturned the ban on bullfighting. Moreover, despite the legalization of cannabis, Spanish authorities may still try to stop it before it is fully implemented.