When discussing the debate over the legalization of marijuana, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has sounded off. He has called the drug’s legalization “the stupidest thing anybody has ever done.” But is he right? It would appear so. Despite his opposition, three-quarters of Democrats favor legalization. His continued opposition could put him at odds with primary voters. As far as marijuana policy is concerned, all of the Democratic presidential contenders support legalization of pot.

While Michael Bloomberg’s support for tough enforcement of marijuana-related crimes is well documented, his stance has softened on the issue since he first ran for president. While he still supports states’ rights to legalize marijuana, usa cannabis seeds he is also supporting the elimination of federal penalties for possession of small amounts of the drug. His criminal justice blueprint calls for spending $22.5 billion over ten years to cut prison populations in half.

As for the future of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has been a vocal opponent of marijuana legalization. He has repeatedly condemned the drug and blamed its use for driving down children’s IQs. He has also called you could try this out the idea of legalizing cannabis “stupid,” despite the fact that 75 percent of Democratic voters support legalization. In fact, Bloomberg has defended his aggressive policing tactics while mayor of New York.

While his views on drug legalization are undoubtedly controversial, the mayor’s stance is sound. His opponents argue that legalizing marijuana is a bad idea because no one is currently serving a hard sentence for small amounts of pot. But this argument is not based on empirical evidence. While it may be true that no one is serving time for small amounts of marijuana, the results of Bloomberg’s policies could have life-altering consequences.

Clearly, the Republican Party is concerned that legalizing pot will increase the chances of a violent crime. While the conservatives are right to fear that marijuana will increase the risk of terrorism, the right to freedom of speech remains paramount. The law should be upheld as constitutionally protected. And it is the right of every American to speak their mind. But the political system needs to be based on facts.

While Bloomberg has a long and controversial history, his campaign has been spared the media’s skewers. While Biden has a legitimate shot of becoming the next president, Bloomberg’s chances are virtually nil. So, who is right? After all, the media’s skewers have largely ignored Bloomberg’s campaign, whereas the Democrats have a much more promising future in 2020.

If any of the 2020 presidential candidates legalize marijuana, the issue may still be stalled in the Oval Office. However, the legalization of marijuana is no longer taboo. In fact, 33 states have legalized marijuana in some capacity. Of these, eleven allow both adult-use and recreational use of the drug. And more are on the way. It’s time to make the nation a safer place to live.

But Biden’s opposition to marijuana legalization has been a longstanding issue. He helped develop the Office of National Drug Control Policy – an executive branch with a director known as a “drug czar” – in 1974. Biden publicly criticized then-president George H.W. Bush for legalizing marijuana and later said it was “the stupidest thing anybody has ever done.”

It’s no surprise that stop and frisk was designed to get illegal guns off the streets. However, this policy resulted in an increased number of low-level marijuana arrests. An arrest for misdemeanor marijuana can cost you your public housing, financial aid, and/or public sector job. Indeed, the NYPD’s practice was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2013. In addition to the legalization of marijuana, Bloomberg’s policy encouraged police officers to conduct stop-and-frisks, which is illegal.